The NOS Artist Residence seeks to provide singers with a platform to work as a full-time artiste after graduation. Through this, we hope to continue encouraging and motivating singers and musicians in Singapore to pursue a performance career, something which was previously deemed impossible here. In line with our NOS Scholarship, recipients will eventually join NOS as an Artist-In-Residence upon completion of their course of study. We hope to brand ourselves as the premier local residency programme with world-class performing standards for our Singaporeans.

The NOS Artiste-in-Residence will be allowed to further train, practice and hone their performing skills through the involvements with NOS’ productions, community outreach and education programmes, culminating in a solo recital at the end of the year. The residency is offered on a one-year contract basis, where a stipend and/or remuneration is paid to the Artiste every month. At the end of every financial year, the Artiste will also be subjected to a performance review to assess the eligibility for a renewal in the contract.

Application to be a NOS Artiste-In-Residence will open at the start of every financial year in April for a month. Fill up the NOS Artiste In Residence Form and submit the supporting documents as detailed in the application.


Kindly ensure the submission of the following supporting documents and items along with your application form. Failure to provide a complete set of supporting documents may disqualify you from the application.

  1. 1. Biography/Curriculum Vitae detailing all relevant past performing credits and experiences
  2. 2. Passport-size photo or headshot
  3. 3. List of Awards & Prizes you have received
  4. 4. Certification and proof or qualifications (kindly provide the certificate and transcript of your two highest qualifications passed).

Pre-Screening Recording Requirements

  • • At least 15 minutes of any repertoire
  • • At least one operatic aria and one art song of differing languages, styles and moods

You will be informed of the results from your Pre-Screening audition by the end of May. Successful applicants from the Pre-Screening audition will have to attend a live audition and interview. Live Audition Requirements

  • • At least 3 operatic arias of differing languages, styles and moods; preferably with recitative
  • • Repertoire should be a well-contrasted programme range between 25-30 minutes
  • • Please provide your own accompanist
  • • Your interview will take place after your audition

You will be informed of the results from your Live audition with more administrative details of the NOS Artiste In Residence program-me.