Kindly ensure the submission of the following supporting documents and items along with your application form. Failure to provide a complete set of supporting documents may disqualify you from the scholarship application.

  1. 1. Biography/Curriculum Vitae detailing all relevant past performing credits and experiences
  2. 2. Passport-size photo or headshot
  3. 3. List of co-curricular activities which you have been a member of in school, where applicable (kindly also include your role)
  4. 4. List of Awards & Prizes you have received
  5. 5. Certification and proof or qualifications (kindly provide the certificate and transcript of your two highest qualifications passed).
  6. 6. 2 references (kindly provide contact details of your referees as well such that we can contact them. They should not be members of your family or friends).
  7. 7. Pre-screening videos, adhered to audition requirements as detailed on our website
  8. 8. A Personal Statement addressing the following pointers:
    • • Your aspirations and ambitions and how you plan to achieve them/are achieving them
    • • Why you have chosen the NOS Scholarship and why we should consider you as a recipient
    • • What you hope to achieve through taking up the NOS Scholarship
    • • You may want to highlight what you consider the peak of your achievements thus far
    • • For undergraduate applicants, kindly keep your word limit to 500 words. For graduate applicants, kindly keep your word limit to 800 words